Your own Chemical X and the pint-sized but potent Powerpuff Girls

Glam Glow is a skincare brand originally created for use behind Hollywood’s stages. The brand includes a line of mud masks that target different skin needs, most popular of which is the Supermud Clearing Treatment. I’m sure it works wonders and that the mud “visibly draws out dirt and congestion…and dramatically brightens and softens skin.” Continue reading “Your own Chemical X and the pint-sized but potent Powerpuff Girls”


Steam, Queen.

I hate to sweat but I love to steam.

I enjoy feeling luxurious as often as possible and I must do things every day to retain that feeling. Having an extensive skin care regimen definitely does the trick, but adding steaming to the process really ups the ante. Steaming the skin is a step in a professional facials, and any visit to the spa is not complete without a stop in the sauna. These steps exist in skin maintenance for a reason, as steaming is super good for the skin. Continue reading “Steam, Queen.”

Cleansing like Cleopatra

There are all sorts of ways to wash your face. The market is flooded with many cleansers of different consistencies targeted to the various skin types. I’ve personally moved from foaming cleansers to cream, then gel, and every step of the way I had to train myself a little more to get used to the way my skin feels after being washed. Many of us start off with the soapy foaming cleansers, and through much of our lives we got used to the dry feeling of the skin. We were trained to believe that the foaming and subsequent dryness meant we were clean. Continue reading “Cleansing like Cleopatra”