Intro to the Anti-aging face massage

One of my first forays into the world of Asian beauty was learning about lymphatic facial massages. Thanks to the book “The Japanese Skincare Revolution” by Chizu Saeki I learned about the “natural, low-cost techniques” for smoothing out wrinkles, plumping the skin, and even combating oiliness. Continue reading “Intro to the Anti-aging face massage”


The Charm & Savvy Asian Beauty Primer Part 1

As I type this, I am wearing a sheet mask. Soon I will continue with the rest of my regimen applying routine. To many this may seem extreme and confusing, but that’s why we’re here: to simplify the Asian (typical Korean and Japanese) beauty process (I refrain from calling it a “craze” as that erases the culture that existed well before America grabbed it). Continue reading “The Charm & Savvy Asian Beauty Primer Part 1”

The forgotten skincare secret

We all know the benefits of sunscreen, right? It’s one of the most basic steps to long-term skin health and a youthful appearance.

Consider what else we know: thin skin succumbs to wrinkles easily. This means the neck, décolletage, and hands show signs of aging. So even if you have been diligent about applying an effective anti-aging regimen (with sunscreen!) to your face since your teenage years, other areas of your skin will easily reveal how long you’ve been around. This may not be a concern for women in their 20’s, but as with many things, getting an early start is a good thing. Continue reading “The forgotten skincare secret”

Patience is the key to beauty.

Once upon a time, I had to wait.

I got facials in high school, because I enjoyed feeling luxurious, but there wasn’t much on my skin to treat. When I bought my first MAC makeup product after my first year at college was when I had to get serious about skincare. It was the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, a face powder that I used daily and loved dearly. After a while, the daily application and ineffective cleansing methods negatively affected my skin causing acne problems that I didn’t have before. After trying and failing to fix the problem with numerous drugstore products, I decided to go to an expert, a dermatologist. Continue reading “Patience is the key to beauty.”

Six Weeks to Life-Changing Skin

In March of this year, I needed to change my life. I had been doing extensive research and experimentation on various skin care methods, both internal and external, since the previous December. But I wasn’t seeing a difference. Knowing what you need to do and actually doing it are two very different things. It’s hard to start a habit when you have a million things going on in your life. Continue reading “Six Weeks to Life-Changing Skin”