Intro to the Anti-aging face massage

One of my first forays into the world of Asian beauty was learning about lymphatic facial massages. Thanks to the book “The Japanese Skincare Revolution” by Chizu Saeki I learned about the “natural, low-cost techniques” for smoothing out wrinkles, plumping the skin, and even combating oiliness.Aging is a beautiful natural process. The lines on our face represent the expressions we’ve made in our life, and the emotions we’ve felt. With that being said, not all aging is equal. Some is preventable or treatable if addressed early on. The beautiful timeless women who age gracefully treat their faces as a part of their overall health and are diligent and intentional. Women like Angela Bassett, Nia Long, Jennifer Lopez, Bianca Lawson, Aishwarya Rai, Lucy Liu, Victoria Beckham, Charlize Theron are all known for looks that seem to stand the test of time.

The Japanese Skincare Revolution explores skin-saving ways to remove eye makeup, apply a “lotion mask,” and create a DIY steam mask, but goes into the most detail about lymphatic drainage massages and facial toning to prevent and reverse wrinkles.

The benefits to regular face massages are that they can refresh the skin, prevent and repair wrinkles and sagging, and fight the double chin that can plague those of us who are always looking down at our phone.

Luckily these massages are so easy that they can easily be done at any time. Watching TV, relaxing, taking a bath.

I encourage you to purchase Chizu’s book where you can learn everything you need to know about anti-aging, but if you want to start massaging immediately, here are some resources:

These Tanaka Face Massage Videos on YouTube

One of my favorite brands, Tatcha, is inspired by Japanese Geishas. They have a lot of great products and the creator Victoria Tsai takes great care in creating a charming experience from the ingredients to the packaging. In Tatcha’s gifts catalog is a gold-leaf facial massage tool.  It costs approximately $200 which is outside of our budget, but the site explains three ways to use the massager that you can replicate with other tools or even your hand.

I hope you’ve found this introduction to facial massaging helpful! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried!

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