In 2016, resolve to “do your eyebrows” every day

If you read this blog, I can assume that you care somewhat about your appearance. You probably also recognize the connection between how satisfied you are with your appearance and how you feel. The connection is not whether you look “perfect” in your eyes, but rather finding encouragement in the little things.

We all have one (or many) things about ourselves that when we take the time to maintain, we feel happier and more confident. For me, this is when my skin is clear, when my nails are painted, and when my eyebrows are groomed and defined. Unfortunately, I don’t take care of these three things every day, and I notice how much my mood changes when they aren’t tended to. When my skin is having problems, it becomes a constant worry in the back of my head, and it distracts me. When my nails aren’t painted, I become less expressive and outgoing. And when my eyebrows aren’t “snatched” my confidence levels drop.

It’s a good exercise to discover what little things you can do every day to help you walk out of the house with your head a little higher. On the days when you are feeling low, you can consider these “little things” your mood boosters.

Finally, it’s not vain that your appearance affects your mood. Although I think it’s a natural result of the society in which we live, you must be happy with yourself regardless. This is not to cause you to fixate on minute aspects of your appearance but to find out what makes you happy and give that to yourself every day.

Tell me what you are going to do every day to elevate your mood!

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3 thoughts on “In 2016, resolve to “do your eyebrows” every day

  1. Franky

    As a teacher, I refused to get dolled up to be around a bunch of kids, but it really does make me feel much better when my brow game is strong. Now I wake up a little earlier each day to add a little charm and savvy to my appearance. Getting dolled up for yourself is so fun and uplifting.

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  2. Delisha

    I have resisted this concept in 2017. I did my eyebrows today as a form of self-care and you’re so right! I feel more beautiful and my self-esteem is higher, all because of my cute brows lol


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