Patience is the key to beauty.

Once upon a time, I had to wait.

I got facials in high school, because I enjoyed feeling luxurious, but there wasn’t much on my skin to treat. When I bought my first MAC makeup product after my first year at college was when I had to get serious about skincare. It was the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, a face powder that I used daily and loved dearly. After a while, the daily application and ineffective cleansing methods negatively affected my skin causing acne problems that I didn’t have before. After trying and failing to fix the problem with numerous drugstore products, I decided to go to an expert, a dermatologist. During my visit, the dermatologist, a mild, attractive woman, took a close look at my skin, gently touched my chin and told me there was nothing to worry about. She said that we would easily fix my acne and blackheads. So understanding and reassuring, she reminded me of Glenda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz. She prescribed me 2 topical skin treatments and made an appointment for me to get a chemical peel from one of the medical estheticians in the office. Before Glenda floated off to make miracles with some other lost skincare soul, she told me that we would have to wait 6-8 weeks to tell if my prescription was working. I was alarmed, but I trusted “Dr. Glenda”. So I applied the medication every day as instructed, diligently used the recommended face wash, and before I could click my heels 3 times, 6 weeks had passed and my skin was almost completely back to normal.

My first visit to the dermatologist is a reminder that when it comes to truly effective skincare, we have to be patient. A lot of people stop using a product after a short time because they think that it’s either not working, or that it’s breaking them out. Next time you try something new, consider this:

  • Wait 4 weeks to start seeing results. Wait 6-8 weeks to make a determination. Skin cells renew every 28 days, so don’t rob yourself of a product’s full benefits by cutting this cycle short. When it comes to acne, blackheads, dark spots, and oiliness, I have yet to come across a product that can fix something immediately. If an acne product could rid you of your spots in 2 days, it would have to rid you of all the layers of skin that have been affected by the spot. If that sounds impossible, its because it is.
  • If you start to see bumps, don’t be alarmed. That most likely is the product bringing the acne under your skin that hasn’t shown itself yet up to the surface. Glenda told me that my medication would cause this because its treating all of the layers of my skin. Now if you are experiencing redness, pain, extreme breakouts, or any other warning on the label, then you should probably discontinue the product. Otherwise, consider committing to using a new product correctly for at least a month before you decide if it works or not.

I know what it feels like to want immediate results when it comes to skincare. Our face leads with all interactions after all. But I have learned that being patient leads to better results.

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3 thoughts on “Patience is the key to beauty.

  1. NyCi

    SO TRUE! I didn’t have the luxury of having beautiful skin in High School lol, so my prescriptions were very strong. I made the mistake of over applying the medicine because I wanted it to work quickly and ended up with chemical burns. Not only is patience key in seeing results but it’s also important for preventing further damage. Great post!! I’ll keep this in mind with my Kojie San. I’m hoping it will remove my scars but I’m already getting antsy.

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