Steam, Queen.

I hate to sweat but I love to steam.

I enjoy feeling luxurious as often as possible and I must do things every day to retain that feeling. Having an extensive skin care regimen definitely does the trick, but adding steaming to the process really ups the ante. Steaming the skin is a step in a professional facials, and any visit to the spa is not complete without a stop in the sauna. These steps exist in skin maintenance for a reason, as steaming is super good for the skin. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Warming up the surface of the skin, thereby making it more receptive to treatment (mask, serums, etc.)
  2. Enhancing circulation
  3. Increasing perspiration, helping to remove toxins from the skin
  4. Softening debris inside the pores for easier removal
  5. Increasing relaxation

(from Mario Badescu’s Skincare Blog)

To steam, I boil some water in a medium sized pot and add pink salt, sea salt, and if I have it, rosemary.

Pink Salt has the benefits of “increases in the quality of sleep, energy and concentration levels…and noticeable nail and hair growth and a few reported that they felt as if their physical and emotional beings were being cleansed.” This was found from a study you can read more about here.

I set up a TV tray in front of a chair, put the pot of really hot water on the TV tray and hold my head about 10 inches away from the pot with a towel over my head creating a mini steam room. I usually stay like this for 7 minutes, which is about as long as I can manage. This method is how I get the maximum amount of steam. For beginners, I would suggest starting off by pouring the hot water into a bowl instead of holding your face over the hot pot. The water is hot. And hot water CAN BURN. Eventually I would like to upgrade to a steaming machine to make the whole process much easier.

I try to steam weekly when I do my blackhead removal process, and I feel incredibly satisfied afterwards. It is not only a time to refresh my skin and prep for the next stage in my facial, but I also use the time for meditation and mindfulness. If you try facial steaming, I encourage you to use the time to meditate, repeat your affirmations, pray, or just enjoy 7 minutes of physical and mental clarity. Leave a reply if you try it, and remember to be careful!

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