Cleansing like Cleopatra

There are all sorts of ways to wash your face. The market is flooded with many cleansers of different consistencies targeted to the various skin types. I’ve personally moved from foaming cleansers to cream, then gel, and every step of the way I had to train myself a little more to get used to the way my skin feels after being washed. Many of us start off with the soapy foaming cleansers, and through much of our lives we got used to the dry feeling of the skin. We were trained to believe that the foaming and subsequent dryness meant we were clean. After using Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, the least foaming cleanser I have ever used, I thought I was done searching for new face washes. And then I started using honey.

While searching for something else skincare-related I came across the concept of washing the face with honey on the blog Crunchy Betty. I had already known about the benefits of honey on skin for a while, and I had a nearly-full container of raw Manuka honey in my cabinet, so coupled with my curiosity I proceeded to slather the honey on my face with only a hint of hesitation. I’ll usually try anything once when it comes to skincare, and I was excited that I could easily experiment without having to go to the store and purchase something expensive. For my first experience I was surprised at how easily it spread on my skin and how effortlessly it rinsed off. It definitely takes some getting used to, but the honey didn’t put up the struggle I expected. When I rinsed, my face didn’t feel dry and tight, it actually felt clean and moisturized. Honestly, it was the most comforting experience one could have after simply washing their face.

It’s known that Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey, and many people use it to heal cuts and burns on the skin. The National Honey Board calls honey a “natural humectant with antimicrobial properties.” Humectants draw moisture from the air into the skin, making it moisturized. I have an imaginary fight with that which is microscopic on my skin, so having antimicrobial properties soothes both my complexion and my mind. I can also say that it is probably the cheapest and healthiest face wash I have come across. A full container of Manuka honey costs me about 10 dollars at the health food store and last me forever.

       Well, I have been to the land of [soap] and honey and I can say without a doubt that my ideas about clean skin have evolved. I have been washing my face with honey for about 2 months, and I don’t believe I will have the need to buy another face wash for daily cleansing. Honey does not thoroughly clean off a full face of makeup, so for those days I rely on my makeup removing face wipes before I wash, which is something I do any time I wear a lot of makeup, regardless of the type of cleanser I’m using.

       If you have been underwhelmed by your current face wash, then I encourage you to give honey a try. Leave a reply telling me if you’ve used honey before, of if you plan to use it. If it was good enough for Cleopatra, it’s good enough for you, queen.

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